As I was to busy playing this game for several weeks (now at 160 hours gameplay) finally I got those 2 at my gasp :3
Starting by maxing all Thanatos stats and obtaining Messiah thanks to NG+ “Dungeon” the Heaven’s Door.

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Image from Pixiv

Its been a while since the First Perfect Attendance and for the result wasn’t pretty disappointing. But somehow I pretty disappoint for this years attendance… SOMEHOW :X

Anyway, here’s the result of each account I took care for attendance:

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Finally, my own PSP

Its been years that I wanted to owned my own PSP, yes… I wanted it more ever since I use our shared PSP to play. So I save my monthly money to buy it and now, I finally have my own PSP X3

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Tales of Hearts OST cover

Feeling bored with usual Cosmic Break BGM? Wanted to change it but didn’t know what to change? Or you’re to lazy to change it? Just download, and read the text inside on how to put the costume BGM… Oh well, just download and enjoy it lol. Credits own by respective owner~

Download: Mediafire | Megaupload

Hope you enjoy it ❤

Preview (just ignore the stats)

My friend ask me to lend him my account to do some skinning, so I let him do it. And yes, the result was great… really great XD
Anyway, here’s the link for .cs2 file or the image it self 😀

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After so much day I spent for making this (while looking some tutorial on youtube or google) and its finally done (yeah, what a pain in the ass for making this). I use Sony Vegas for video editing and Adobe Photoshop for some image material editing. It took a long time to finish this but the result wasn’t so bad 😀

And… I proudly present to you… my first MAD/AMV project which has been finished…

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Image not related

Well, a bit late (I have post this on Cosmic Break Page on Facebook and other forum) 😀

So, here it is:

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